Sunday, March 27, 2016

What a nice Easter - yesterday was a bit of a bust - too much running around not achieving things. Though I did spend a happy two hours chatting to Bodhi's friend's parents when I collected him from his playdate, and then saw my friends when I went to mooch use of their dryer. I need a dryer.

Today there were Easter eggs galore - Olivia woke up pissed off and grumpy, but was back to normal after going to sleep again. Much chocolate. I made a gorgeous lasagna. I'm so full. Sooo fuuuuull. I'm hoping Olivia ate some of this while we were out. I hate that she denies herself so pointlessly.

More chocolate. Tv. I might squeeze in a glass of wine. The hour has gone forward, so there was a walk with Bodhi in the late light and though he fell down the hill while running down it (he slid quite some distance, we wish there was video) he found it more fun than traumatic, and despite grazed knees and wrists, would have liked to do it again. He spotted these weird clouds, I can't remember what they're called.

He's made a nest in his bunkbed, he's determined to get night-independent, so he can enjoy sleepovers and have the morning experience, instead of coming home sad late at night.

The best thing is ... no school for me tomorrow. One more blissful day off. I'm kinda sick of work... I could do with a break. The endless days of work with no respite that stretch out in front of adults terrifies me a bit. It seems ... wrong. And bleak. But then, I'm just a slacker.

I need to clear some photos off my phone. I went looking for pot dollies in Lidl last week, but all they had were toilet seats, which I was in dire need of. Our 80s toilets are works of awful - the upstairs one is ... avocado, I may have mentioned this before. So I can't get a white seat for it, or even a wooden one, really - so imagine my delight to find a turquoise toilet seat! I bought two, as the downstairs one was so horrifically manky... but ... dear god...

Axl says he loves the peach and turquoise. He's so weird.


You could take fifty photos of every sunset, couldn't you? It's probably just as well I don't have a phone that does them justice. 

Though there's was such a tacky one the other night I couldn't quite enjoy it - slashes of pink clawed behind the mountain. 

This was such a beautiful night a few weeks ago - Bodhi and his friend came to the beach to walk the dog  - I lost my phone and his friend found it. But I missed the really amazing picture of the sunset turning a pool of water glowing pink purple. Unfortunately, it's dangerous to do panoramas with people in them - if you look closely, you can se the boys have melded in that last picture. Disturbing!

I love the sea with it's that metallic mercury blue and the horizon glows. I love the waves too, but this is my favourite petrol stillness. 


Ms. Moon said...

I feel that our posts tonight have much in common.
Love from Florida...Me.

Mwa said...

I like the toilet seats as well! They are my favourite colour.

Jo said...

Seats, yeah... in conjunction with the peach, though, it's a bit of a hippy acid nightmare.