Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Today I swam for 40 minutes. I ate all good things, barring some butter, coffee and apple juice. And butter could be worse. I donated small amounts to three different charities, and signed two worthy petitions.

I organised for my son and his friends to come out to my father's house and see his pet lamb and hopefully play in his straw. I cried into my goggles for a bit in the water. I saw my daughter this morning and told her not to talk to me about getting a PS4 today as I can't take any more fighting. So she hasn't been downstairs since I came home.

I went out to meet a friend and a local autism activist, but the friend had got the day wrong. We came to a good conclusion for the next time, and I met another mother whose son refused school... she lives 3 doors down from me and has a son Bodhi's age - I'm hoping they might make friends and have someone to go visit. Apparently there's a third ASD kid at home in their room in the same way a few doors down from them - I wonder should we be checking what's in our water?

I didn't walk the dog.

My best friend, or rather the person I consider my best friend even though we don't see each other much, can't come to my party because her mother's birthday is the day after mine, and they're celebrating the same day. I felt like I was four when she told me, even though I pretty much expected it. I'm feeling whatever the opposite of resilient is.

I distracted myself with plans for the cake I'm going to make for a colleague's daughter on Sunday, and my own birthday cake. Thinking about chocolate cake is soothing. 


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like a decent day, dear Jo.
And hell yes- thinking about chocolate cake IS soothing. I wish I could make you one.

Jo said...

No, it's ok, I'm going to channel my mother and make hers for myself. Just fancier than she would have done. But it's still her cake.

Mwa said...

I say yay for swimming a chocolate!