Sunday, April 3, 2016

we had a day in the country

Bodhi and I had the chance to visit some internet friends today, drove down to Wexford to their farm and saw hour-old lambs that he of course fell in love with. He was excited to meet their pot bellied pig, Elmer, but then tiny Eiligh (Ay-lee) stole his heart. 

I met the two friend I visited online when I was pregnant with Bodhi, on a mother's website, and then we got involved in setting up a breastfeeding network. My American friend who is Bodhi's buddy's mum met our mutual friend on the ex-pat board in the same place, so we found out we knew each other having graduated to facebook. It's a small country, I suppose - my other friend is also friends with my cousin from having met her online as they were pregnant at the same time. 

Anyway - there were a heap of children there, but Bodhi and his friend stayed outside virtually the whole time, moving between the hay bales in the barn and the pet lamb pen. He had such a ball. Lovely, lovely day. 


Ms. Moon said...

What a beautiful boy! And that picture of him with holding the lamb is sublime. I'm so glad y'all had a very good day.

Joanne said...

Your son is gorgeous with those beautiful blue eyes! I would have chosen the lambie too!

Jennifer said...

Cute boy! I'm glad you two had so much fun!

Mwa said...

Beautiful boy!