Sunday, May 8, 2016

This morning I slept in a little, and dreamt of looking after a friend's baby who I wasn't really in a position to look after (not enough nappies, food etc.). Then I returned her without knowing she was safe and had to run around trying to check on her and that she was actually back with her mother. In doing this, I found that the person I was talking to reacted to a strange remote control that kept changing, and was sort of on tv. I kept deleting him by accident and trying to fast forward/rewind him to get him back. Not sure I actually achieved that.

Weird weird.

I also had a moment where I was in  my father's house and was trying to dispose of a bloody sanitary towel, which turned into a serial killer plan to murder someone bloodily, then have all the blood cleaned up enough that a police detail would never be able to spot any with their special lights/powder stuff.


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Ms. Moon said...

Too bad Dr. Seuss didn't write a book about dreams. It would have been his best book ever!
"Oh, the dreams you will dream and WHAT will they mean?"