Saturday, June 18, 2016

For heaven's sake. I just dreamed that I was semi-sort-of-topless modelling for Donald Trump in his office - he wanted to me stand in a bath robe and read random lines from a book. He then came up and stood behind me and rubbed his (allegedly) weenie penis against me and I told him of in strict terms. I am *so* not his type!

Then his aide came in and rescued me and said that he was going to expose him the next day. Why the next day? I don't know. But I was saved from the Trump one way or another.

Why, brain? Why? 


Ms. Moon said...

Well. That was strange.

Lisa said...

Let me attempt to interpret your dream. You feel victimized by Donald Trump and wish to be rescued from him by someone who will expose him. There are a lot of people who feel this way. Still, he exposes his own underbelly and his trumpets refuse to believe him.

Jo said...

It's all too horrible to think about! At least he was a total slimeball in the dream... imagine if it had got ... romantic... shudder.