Monday, July 18, 2016

It's so hot! 27 degrees today! Blue skies and total sun. Mary may laugh, but it't too hot for me, unless I'm on holiday with access to water and ice cream and don't need to go anywhere.

It's fabulous but uncomfortable. I wish I lived alone so I could loll around naked. My children wouldn't appreciate that, but I miss the days... though I confess I'm doing just that now, in the privacy of my boudoir, and feeling slightly anxious at the thought of putting the lightest of duvets over me to sleep.

I had a beautiful day yesterday, with a writer friend, who's finally visited. We went to Glendalough (everyone should go) and walked further than I usually do and found the waterfall. Other friends of mine posted a photo of themselves at the top of the mountain - you can see where I was far, far, far below, it's funny :)

Then we went to luch and sat in the shade in the lovely garden at the Avoca Handweavers, and then walked the sea front looking at the summery stuff that's going on at the moment, had a gelato, and repaired to the Harbour bar for a pint. Such a lovely day.

I had a heat blip, when my friend's husband asked me what Tabairne an Cuain meant. Well, I knew tabhairne was pub, but I didn't remember cuain. It took me a few seconds to realise exactly what it meant... duh. Can you work it out?


Ms. Moon said...

I can't. What?

Sabine said...

Ah yes, the Harbour Bar, long time no see. My perfect day in this part of the world would include bringing someone who can pay for dinner at Hunters in Rathnew.

Jo said...

I was telling him tabhairne means pub... And the name of the pub is the Harbour Bar... so cuain means... harbour. It's just the name of the pub in Irish, right next to its English name. I'm glad it's not just me!

Sabine, it's still right there, don't think it's much changed. I've never actually been there, despite growing up down the road from it.