Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I want to put this on facebook but I fear the contempt of those who might post that 'so let me get this straight - you put up a picture of your breakfast and others comment on that breakfast' meme - though I suppose they won't, as I can't find it, so maybe it's faded into the mists of antiquity.


So I came home and ate two thick slices of toasted olive bread with pesto (and, ahem butter also) and the most perfectly ripe avocado and slices of beetroot and salt and pepper and it was so good and warm and cool and fresh and yum.

And then we had cheesecake. Soft, white, creamy, tart, sweet, perfect, delicious cheesecake. It was so good. And now we all want moar cheesecake. GAH. I'm so proud of it.

If only it was a superfood and I could eat it everyday.


Honey, come on, eat your cheesecake. It prevents osteoporosis and eliminates free radicals from your system.


So, public service announcement, come to my house and eat cheesecake. Or failing that, Youtube some Paulo Nuttini, he's so good. 

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Ms. Moon said...

Food is always a good subject.