Monday, August 8, 2016

it's official...

Well, I should not have said yes to those cheesecakes as they caused me some pain and exhaustion and messed things up a little for me and Bodhi on the day... but it wasn't my wedding, and in the end all was ok (except I didn't get a glass of champagne because I was raspberrying my fingers red and poor Bodhi couldn't find me,  got all upset, missed his dinner because he wasn't sure what to do and am I the worst mother in the world? Yes I am...).

Anyway, that aside, we got over it, and a beautiful Swedish opera singer with a viking god of a husband came and told me that she's a lover of cheesecake and oh, my cheesecake was the best she'd ever tasted. I was extremely touched, as she's a friend of my friend that I'd heard about for years but never met - and I was moved to tears by her beautiful song, sung so immediately and right beside me. I told her, oh, but your song, and she said no! Your cheesecake! And I said, but your song made me cry! and she said, well, your cheesecake made me cry!

And then the best man brought his German wife over to meet me, who is also the world's biggest cehesecake fan it seems, and she also professed mine to be the best she'd ever had, and all this adulation went to my head and I promised her the recipe.

So, I felt soothed and pleased because each time I bake I go through this terrible spiral of intention/procrastination/exhaustion/OHGODIT'SALLGONEWRONG/ohwellit'llhavetodo shame spiral - every fucking time. And despite doing that, it still worked out ok. Even the bride who was terribly worried it would be the wrong sort of cheesecake (and as she wooed her groom with her cheesecake, it was all very important and she'd been planning to make them herself, god love her) was happy, and it was the Right Sort of Cheesecake in the end.  Seriously, though, never again.

But I feel vindicated. I'd suspected as much, but I think my cheesecake is the best in the country. I've been the The Cheesecake Factory and had their giant slice of ppumpin cheesecake and that was a dream made real, a melding of two of my favourite desserts that delivered everything it promised to, and ok, that was just as good. But I'm pretty happy with my title. My mother and cheesecake are bound up together as I make this from her handwritten instructions and it was her business when I was very small.  The first time I made it, I couldn't believe it tasted right, that the first bite would be that creamy-solid perfection. I swear, it's the closest to breastmilk adults get... but maybe nobody wants to hear that.

Anyway. All good. That was a week from hell, though. Quite the insanity hormonal exhaustion insomnia nightmare. 

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Ms. Moon said...

Well, if it all ended in the best cheesecake in the world, then it was definitely worth it!