Wednesday, August 3, 2016


When funny things make you tear up and you can't read about a blogger's new book without feeling over emotional and also worrying that you haven't bought all the publications of all the people you read online and SUPPORTED them and you feel bad but you don't have any spare cash and drive around crying behind your sunglasses about all the bad things and you act like an insane lady around your children and you have to start making ten wedding cheesecakes, which you want to do but you're scared to start in case you fuck up and end up freaking out in a mountain of expensive dairy products in the kitchen so you're still hiding in the kitchen from that and your daughter ranting endlessly about your son and the fact that they're changing the genders of characters in her favourite films/videogames. 


Ms. Moon said...

Oh. Wedding cheesecakes. Just get started and you will be fine!
As to the rest of it- well, I can't help a bit. I'm sorry!

Jo said...

Just a little hormonal rant, felt the better for it! No need to be sorry xx

Yes, wedding cheesecakes, for my oldest friend. Two down. Mostly :)