Sunday, September 18, 2016

bed bed bed

Autumn approaches rapidly, encroaching darkness, brown leaves falling, cold.

Autumn is pretty, but it's already getting harder to get out of bed... my average Snooze time is 45 minutes... that's really more than a snooze, isn't it? Autumn means that the embrace of warm bedding is so much more important, so much harder to leave. I sit up, dazed and bleary, then fling myself back into the snuggle of the duvet for a minute, melodramatically. Oh, bed! It is so hard to leave you!

I love bed - not hugely this one, as I wake up sore mostly - the mattress was never what I needed - but also I seem to sleep with fists clenched, shoulders jammed up to my ears, so I hurt when I wake up.  (We have class observations to suffer next month, the date for mine is my mother's birthday, not that that really matters anymore, but despite the fact that my last two went well, I've just dreamed that it was moments before class and I'd forgotten to write up or hand in my lesson plan. Stupid work anxiety dreams, I hate them.) So this morning I considered how blissful an instant massage would be on waking, to work out the knots and leave me gliding instead of hobbling into the day.  But who am I kidding, I'd never get up if that happened. I'm too addicted to the warmth and comfort and safety of bed as it is.

I also dreamed I was a wife of Mick Jagger (I'm not really au fait enough with the many wives of Mick Jagger to really know which one) and we were clearing our ...shed... for our children's enterprise endeavours. The shed was a sort of dug out building the size of an airplane hangar, able to fit many storeys (stories!), filled with skips and junk and the detritus of their childhoods and our lives. We were scooping downwards, excavating more enormous space, and also considering how to get rid of the skips and old bicycles  and photos, etc. It's an obvious metaphor, of course, but I have no idea why we were the Jaggers.


Ms. Moon said...

Mick's only ever had two wives. Bianca and Jerry Hall. And the Jerry Hall marriage was legally iffy. Keith's only had one legal marriage and Charlie Watts has been married to the same woman for 42 years!
Yes. Very metaphorical dream. I don't have any idea why you were married to Mick either.

Jo said...

So I *am* au fait with Mick's wives, as I knew that, and can now say with more confidence that I was Bianca. In whatever weirdy dream world way that worked.