Sunday, September 11, 2016

I just dreamed of lots of things - but lastly that the pregnant Polish prostitute I'd met on the street while trying to get a taxi, and her pale Polish boyfriend I'd seen in a photo-postcard he'd written her documenting their meeting on Christian Mingle, had appeared in my house, smiling strangely, and advanced on me in my kitchen, making me fear they were vampires.

They assured me they weren't, and then I realised that Olivia was still downstairs - because it was a dream, she didn't seem worried about it, Instead she was worried I'd be angry she'd painted the cardboard box she was standing in purple.

What Does That Mean?

Anyway, I didn't get to find out as Bodhi came to wake me up by telling me the dog had puked on the rug. Second morning puke in a row the dog has done - hmm. I have no idea what's wrong with him.

Axl came home last night and regaled Olivia and me with hilarious tales of his shop in a way I haven't really seen him do in a while. He was being really funny, like making me laugh out loud in a perfomative way, which was nostalgic. One of the things I loved about him was how funny he was, how he could make everybody laugh.

I want to tell you, but I have a feeling it wouldn't translate so well. Also, it would need lots of back story, and I've only just woken up. Somewhere in the house is a puked-on rug, but I cleaned puke up yesterday, and this is in Axl's bedroom, so I feel it's his turn to look after it.

Fittingly, we're going to see the Secret Life of Pets today, at 12.30... the Kids' Club show, god help us. I hope it's old enough that there won't actually be any other kids there... toddlers, munching so loudly you can't hear the film... we'll see.


Ms. Moon said...

Can't begin to interpret your dream. Nope. Sorry.
Does your dog have worms? I hope not.
Have fun at the movie!

Jo said...

No, he's puked up the same undigestable unidentifiable thing each day - I have no idea what he's eating or where he's getting it. I'll have to be eagle-eyed today.

The kiddies were perfect today, the film was fun.

LCKK said...

"One of the things I loved about him was how funny he was, how he could make everybody laugh."
I gotta say, this is very cool!