Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ugh. I'm tempted to say the uninterested lads who work in the schoolbook shop are useless fuckers for writing my name down and Joan not Jo, and being unable to find the book + insiting it hadn't come in despite the fact that we got a call to collect it - but I have to face the fact that I too am a useless fucker for dropping the docket under the kitchen table and only finding it now. One frustrating visit and one frustrating phone call later, they still can't find it but say I can have one off the shelf... but I had to order it because it was out of stock.

So... now when I go down, docket clenched in pudgy, frustrated fist, they won't have one on the shelf and will they be able to find it? I do not know... but I'm feeling quite fucked off about it.

And this is all because I ordered the wrong book (Second year in a row, I'm told) - it's Modern Handwriting 3, not Modern Handwriting 3A (ffs).

So, who writes much these days? How much does my son really need to learn to write anyway?



Ms. Moon said...

Well get this- I know a woman (okay, she's Lily's mother-in-law) who thinks that the trend towards not teaching cursive in school is a conspiracy so that people won't be able to read the US Constitution themselves.
I am not kidding you.

Jo said...

I'm giving conspiracy theories a break, because I feel in my water that Trump is a Democrat plant to ensure Hillary's election - and this may or may not backfire.

So I'm throwing in my lot with the mad people.

Anyway, people soon won't be able to read the constitiution because they're all getting too ... stupid, and they won't have the concentration span to read something that long. Cursive ai't the half of it.

Bohemian said...

You made me LOL since I often worry... are there any others raising Children out there who have these lingering thoughts of do they really need to learn to _____ anyway? *winks* Raising some of our Grandkids I feel like a complete Dinosaur when it comes to assisting them with their educational process. Since they are Special Needs Children of coarse there is that annoying Public School thing where if the kid doesn't fit inside a particular box of 'normal' they just don't know how to teach them anyway. Or know what to do with them and incessantly call to remind you how abnormally they're doing. As if I have this Magic Wand to wave over them at Home and Poof... now they're going to perform at a level where these annoying Teachers and Admin people will finally give me some Peace and not keep reminding me all that is wrong with my Precious Ones! Will the little one ever learn to read... will the older one ever stay awake in his History Teacher's Class... only time will tell?! *Le Sigh* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Jo said...

ah, Dawn.. if only you knew - I have one child with Asperger's who has become a recluse, and gave up on school a couple years ago. She should be starting secondary, but is hiding away from the world, for now. And I know an alarming amount of people in a similar situation.

Something has to give soon, with this round pegs/square holes situation.