Thursday, December 14, 2017

Little things my son does still melt my heart.

Today in the stupidly-expensive, pretty things shop he admired an old fashioned dial phone (in red melamine) with a kind of awe.

I love that he gets the beauty of the design of an old phone without ever having used one, without ever knowing that to be a phone-shape.

I miss them. I've been thinking of buying one, actually, as the cordlessless is far better for us.  The only problem is that then I won't be able to have private phone calls on it. Not that I have phone calls often at all, but ... there are still certain subjects that neccessitate a closed door. 

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Ms. Moon said...

I have an old phone that I can plug in to the phone line when the electricity goes out. Owen and August especially seem to be fascinated by it. Owen insists on plugging it in and making calls to his mother or father when he's here. It's odd.