Friday, March 6, 2009


Food is not my friend at the moment.

It's an ongoing wrangle with my daughter, and she's currently meant to be avoiding gluten and lactose. Which is actually going well for her, except she ate so little as it was and it's a restrictive diet.

And a lot of the substitutes taste pleh.

So tonight she wants to eat her a third bowl of cereal of the day as her dinner. I'm bankrupting myself on soya milk. She's angry and ornery again about it. Her stomach pains have cleared, but now I seem to be getting stress cramps instead.

I'm getting Bodhi to stop feeding at night again, and while it's working, he's sleeping fitfully and is up early. I've been munching constantly through tiredness and it's a side effect of the correcting too. I feel enslaved by my constant food desire.

I wish we could just clear the fridge and cupboards and live on nutrients from the air and water for a week. Release ourselves from the constant wrangles and drudgery of food preparation. The sugar cravings, the boredom-hunger, the shopping, the waste, the wondering what to put in the lunchbox at 8.30 every morning.

I'd like a break, a clear out, some freedom from food.


The Scarlet Tree said...

What a pain. I can't have lactose either. Liddels and Zymil are both good lactose free milks and Liddels makes yougurt too. And lite cream. But you know, parmasen is so low in lactose it does bother me at all, the lactose comes from the whey I think, so the soft cheeses with higher whey concentations are higher in lactose. I make a really nice tomato and parmasen pizza! It sounds like you need a day away from the house :(

jothemama said...

Oo, good tips, thanks!

Tatty Franey said...

spelt has no gluten, so you could make her spelt pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan? really quick and easy and oh so comforting. i have over 200 allergies (yeah...), most only developed when i was old enough to fend for myself. i can only imagine how you feel at the moment. i also agree that you need a break from the house...

jothemama said...

Spelt DOES have gluten! It just tends to be more digestible.

Of course I need a break from the house!

JJ Celery said...

I got here accidentally trough Twenty's blog. I feel that I have somehting important to tell you.

I'm coeliac (though thankfully i don't have any problems with lactose) so I sympathise with your daughter. Most probably she will never be able to eat anything containing gluten again.

Wheat, Rye, Spelt and Barley all contain gluten. Oats, although by themselves don't contain gluten may be contaminated during the production and therefore should be avoided. Most coeliacs will develop intolerance to oats anyway.

Rice and corn starch is brilliant substitute, so nowdays you can get brown rice pasta (very nice!) and rice/corn bread mix, too. Ricecakes are nice as well, I like them very much.

Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of the danger or lactose and gluten free diet, so I just wanted to make sure your daughter won't have to suffer like me (my teeth break like matches due to demineralisation of the bones). Drop me an email, if you want, I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Take care,

jothemama said...

Hi JJ. I can't find your email address.

Lack of gluten makes your teeth decay?? Christ, that's all I need.

JJ Celery said...
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JJ Celery said...
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