Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have blessed with two free spirited nudists for children. In the morning, as soon as Olivia comes into the bed, jaybird naked, her small brother begins an an anguished cry of 'Dressy! Dressy! Nappy!' and tugs at his jammies, until he's similarly unclothed. 'Nudie!!'

The problem is, he's not quite 21 months, and while sitting on the potty is fun sometimes, he doesn't actually USE it yet. Up til now we've been lucky. Ish. But this morning he unleashed a torrent. He managed to get the sheet, the mattress, the duvet, a pillow, my nightie, and his sister. I have baby wee in my hair right now.

And then, thinking I was safe I left him downstairs au naturel and his dad just had to clean poo up off the floor (heheh).

The upside is, when I see them racing and bouncing around, with their creamy skin and plumpy bums and strong limbs, I am so awed and grateful, be-weed or not.


mammydiaries said...

Morning! I absolutely love nudie baby time:) It's a regular feature in our house too. Seems a shame sometimes to dress them.

jothemama said...

Yeah, until they pee on you!

The Scarlet Tree said...

Oh I so agree! I love squishy, nudie baby time :) My littest possum is only 15 months - I wouldn't miss out on a morning nudie cuddle just for the sake of a bit of wee wee either.

jothemama said...

We did post bath nudie bouncing for a long time with our first -

Question: what are you?

spontaneous answer: Mad-ball!!

Ms. Moon said...

Naked babies. Ah. I miss those naked baby moments. My two oldest, who were blessed to grow up in the country, hardly wore clothes from barely-warm enough to barely-warm enough. They were my little naked monkeys, they were my beautiful naked babies.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Ciara said...

Oh thanks for giving me a smile this evening Jo! Nothing sweeter!