Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I feel weird today. My shoulder is out and it hurts. It was a cold rainy windy morning. I've just realised tomorrow is pay-claim day and I've had very little work this month to claim for. Scared to add up hours* Knot of anxiety in chest*

I'm cold and I've run out of oats so I can't make porridge and the kettle is broken. I should go to the shop. I should finish putting grades into the computer, I'm really late with that. It's so boring I've been putting it off. I should be writing something, too.

Today we're taking Bodhi to get all his shoulder length hair cut off because he's sick of people thinking he's a girl. I heard him in the playground the other day, saying, 'My name's Bodhi and I'm a boy with long hair.' Ack. People are stupid. I hate that he has to conform because of other people's lack of observation. How is a long haired boy such a challenge in this day and age? It saddens and frustrates me. Still. He'll still look cute, and it will grow again.

I want porridge and some good news in my inbox. I want to curl up and sleep but that's probably a bad idea. A slippery slope.

Oh, wow. I've been using Internet Explorer and Vista for years, mostly because I don't do so well with change, but I switched to Google Chrome because Cupcakes Take the Cake won't work properly in Vista (DUH, took me long enough to work that option out). And now I see spell check is back on blogger in Chrome. Deadly. I know other people like other ones but I couldn't get used to Safari. Not sure I like the way Chrome is set up so much, but I'll get used to it. What does everyone else use?


Ms. Moon said...

I use Firefox. I hope you feel better today.

itchybollix said...

internet explorer, firefox, chrome

Jo said...

Fox news... I spit upon them.

Mwa said...

Firefox here.