Monday, October 22, 2012

Filling out job applications forms makes me anxious. And if I may rant a moment about ads that ask that you fill out a standard application form - that you have to email the school to request - AND your CV, which contains all the info you put on your form... and the Teaching Council Registration number you had to pay €90 and provide all the info they're asking for on the form to get... oh, it's all a bit arg-worthy.

It makes me realise how little experience I actually have and how I'm so not the best candidate for any of these jobs I'm applying for and so underscores my depressive sense of utter failure that all I can envision of an interview is me throwing myself on the floor and imploring them to hire someone more suitable as I can't cope with the stresses of normal life, I just need the money so desperately.

So. Anxious, it makes me anxious. This one I'm applying for now, I interviewed for some years ago and thoroughly screwed up the interview. I'm in no position to do better right now.


Anyway, I'm going to go read some Game of Thones to wind down before I sleep. If that makes any sense. It gets to be 12.30 so fast these evenings...

This week:
one more job application
try to fix the printer
bake mini cupcakes with ghosties and monsters for school Halloween party on Thursday
finish work pile
drop one more letter in to Welfare office
bring Winter clothes down from attic! Drag Axl's suitcase up to attic (it's 5 months since we were away, he's not going to do it)
clear chaotic bedroom of all the clothes and make it nice
bring bag of clothes to the cash-for-crap shop

Ok, that's enough. Why am I putting this here? No idea.

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