Saturday, February 16, 2013

golden angels

There are retrievers everywhere at the moment. Olivia wants one, and suddenly there are fluffy puppies and sweet faced, long coated white and golden dogs all over Bray and the internet.

We had one when I was a kid - Meg. She was utterly lovely. Gentle and sweet and maternal and soft mouthed - her claim to fame was the safe retrieval of hedgehogs... she knew where they lived. The first time she did it, my father answered the phone just out of the shower, and as he stood there in the sitting room, the hair brush on the floor started to walk away... we dissuaded her from the practice until one day my mother was in the garden (hanging out the clothes) telling my grandmother the story and Meg perked up her ears, dashed away, then came back with a hedgehog.

I loved her enormously. My parents gave her away, supposedly to a family in Greystones, I think because she used to run off. But it happened weirdly suddenly, and I suspect that it might have been a version of the utopian 'farm' dogs go to on US television... I don't know, I have an odd feeling about it.

Anyway - Olivia wants one desperately. Lots of her friends are getting dogs at the moment. It makes me sad - they cost hundreds, they're large to keep and feed (and clean up after) and we have a tiny garden. It's not going to happen, even though I'd love it to, in truth. Angel dogs.


Jo said...

Ok, I suppose this illutrates why I'm more of a dog person... watch for the contrast at the end!

laughykate said...

Snap! I only just saw that you posted the first part of that video now!