Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today I...

... found out that I'd already spent the cheque I was so excited to get the other week. It was a surprise because it wasn't meant to be mine and I forgot that. DUH. Stupid. Now I don't have that money right to hand to pay back straight away and I feel crappy about it. I thought it would have been paid back in January, but it didn't work out that way.

...failed to remember to sign on at the dole office
...remembered to pick up my dole working again as of tomorrow so not sure it all matters anyway

....failed to get my daughter to put on any clothes. She's been under a towel and a duvet since suffering the trauma of a shower and clean clothes last night. Will she ever get dressed again? Her knickers are once more unbearableunwearable, and the only thing she'll wear at the moment is a very short cotton skirt. So no-knickers is not an option this time round. I kind of hate my life.

...brought my son to the beach to play with his friends. His friend's dad can skip a stone 14 times in a row. How cool an entry for his Dad-CV is that? It was sunny, mostly. Sun on my face felt great.

... bought him a blue ice cream in a green cone. With sprinkles.

...have to drive to town to pick up more work. Not really in the mood to do that, but... I will. 

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