Monday, May 4, 2015

I wrote something hilarious  but rude on my *other* blog this morning. At least, it made me laugh inwardly to do it. Those of you who know where that is ... well... be warned, it's mildly explicit.

It's been a bank holiday. Sadly, I did not win the lottery (again, goddammit) so I will be returning to work tomorrow. I do love free days. I love them so. I love not having to get up at a specified time. I love the stretch of a day in front of me, even if I have work to do at home. My job is ... well, teaching language, it's a mix of pressures and fun, I guess, but each year the pressures seem to mount. It's not great for someone with the kind of anxiety/depression I have, which lurches me from one crisis of confidence to the next. It's hard to talk about - this feeling of never being good enough coupled with the listlessness that refuses to let me work hard enough to really be good. Things work, things don't, I'm always tired and unwilling. Still... not bad enough that I'd rather suck dick by a dumpster behind a 7/11, as Mary illustrated with such illumination. And so, on it goes.

Oh for independent wealth, though. Oh. 


Ms. Moon said...

Love you, woman.

Mwa said...

Well, a link would be good then. :-)

Jo said...

Nooo, that's the whole point! :)