Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I adulted today

Guess what I did today? Something unprecedented.

I woke up early, responded to the alarm (despite not going to sleep til after 1.30 am) and went to the pool I joined on Monday, and swam for 30 minutes, and had a little sauna.

I couldn't believe I actually managed to get up. I've a 99 day membership, and I'm hoping this will allow me to make some new exercise habits. It's a small leisure club in a local hotel, and it smells like a fish tank, which isn't very nice, and the pool is tiny and about three feet deep at the shallow end, but it's on the way to work, and it's affordable, so I won't be choosy about it. It was good to swim, and I hope it'll help. With my weight, with my energy levels and my mood.

I wonder if I can do it every day? It would help if the showers didn't smell like algae and have shitty water pressure, no temperature control, and need the button pressed every 20 seconds, but again, beggars can't be choosers :)

In other magic news, I also bought a laptop last night.

I haven't had one in years, long time readers might remember the happy day Axl came home with one for me. But it's long dead, and the family desk top is about to die. This was a good deal, and I've been doing some extra lessons the last few weeks  - better to spend the cash on something solid than dribble it away on weekly costs like petrol and crisps.

I hope having my own computer, complete with Word, again, will encourage me to write more. I've felt the lack of it for a long time now.

I'd also really like to fit back into more of my clothes again - and not have my flabby underarm rub a sore on the side of my swim suit (fat people problems). Yuck. If I do swim every day I'd better firm up fast or I'm going to get either a nasty sore, or a callous. 


Ms. Moon said...

Rub a little petroleum jelly (Vasoline) on that spot. It can help with the rubbing.
You are going to be so happy with your new writing instrument! Hurray for you for adulting in such good ways!

Jo said...

Thanks for the tip, Mary, I've been wondering what won't rub off in the water.

Mwa said...

Yay for the swimming and the laptop and the writing! All happy changes!

I was going to say - put a waterproof plaster on the sore spot until it heals up.

Jo said...

maybe it really would stay on. I did nt really believe they d work, but would be perfect if they would.