Saturday, June 6, 2015

I went to the market to see a friend who lives in the West. She's an illustrator and she draws adorable flower fairies. I met her friends who used to be my friends too, until they kind of edged away and I'm so hurt by that, but we had a nice little chat, and we laughed, and I revelled in Alan's sense of humour and word-smithery in nostalgic ways. He used to be someone I thought I'd know forever, I love his world view, his family... all of it. I miss him. But that was nice.

The market is in the grounds of a wonderful old Big House that's turned itself into a business in delightful ways in the last few years. I'd just been paid for my extra lessons I'm giving at the moment, so I bought everything I wanted. I chatted to the lady at the jam stall whose company is called The Birds and the Teas, and she had whiskey citrus marmalade that is gorgeous and I also bought red onion marmalade as I've been craving it for some time and Tesco doesn't sell it, bizarrely.

And I bought a big, solid loaf of Irish Soda bread from the sweet, flirty baker, and leeks for quiche tonight and a finger of turmeric for its anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties, so the challenge is to actually use it, now or I may as well stuff it up my butt for all the good that it will do me, etc.

And I bought a calendar from Sue, and she gave me a lil notebook. I spent money like a rich person and brought home my spoils and I feel the happier for it. 


Ms. Moon said...

There is nothing wrong with buying small, beautiful treasures for oneself. I am glad you did!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Good for you!

Mwa said...

Soda bread is the best.
Friends that edge away are horrible. I had that, too, in the last couple of years, so I recognised that feeling immediately.

Jo said...

This was such a special one, too. And he gave most excellent hugs. Sigh.