Tuesday, June 2, 2015

oh crap crap

My brother and his wonderful girlfriend broke up :(

It sounds like the right thing to do, but it's killing them both. I think it's bringing up a lot of stuff for him he never quite dealt with, if it's ever possible to deal with those sort of things. Buried issues.

I'm sad. For them. And for me - I love her, and I thought the chances of me getting to be an aunt had increased (though I was also a bit worried about it).

Ach. I'm sorry for them, getting to the shit awful hearbreak bit. I never had the courage... though I guess I can't deny I went through something awful though, for a long time. But all the moving out and trying to rebuild  your life... it's a necessary evil,  I know, better than staying out of fear and being miserable and resentful.

I wish they could sleep through all the misery and wake up ok on the other side. 


John Gray said...

Just remind yourself its bollocks to do with you... The helplessness will help

Ms. Moon said...

I like what John said. I agree. But it's hard to do.

Mwa said...

That's horrible. Especially if she's wonderful.

Jo said...

What an odd comment. I'm sad to lose someone I thought would be my sister in law, I'm concerned for my brother's emotional well being, but it's nothing to do with me? It impacts on my life, it's a loss for me too, and many of us feel our family's hurts as our own. And it's my hurt too, albeit on a very different scale.