Friday, October 23, 2015


whoof... the last couple days have seemed... long. 

Last night I finished off the Velociraptor costume, pardon me if you've seen it on facebook. Then I had to get ready for an observation in work which I resisted being nervous about by dint of tiredness and resolution. 

I had to redo the raptor tail last thing, which pushed my work prep back to about 11pm... I was tired! 

But, here is the culmination of a Halloween costume I commanded Axl to get involved in - Olivia helped him with cutting, and Bodhi did some painting. I'm delighted with it - it worked out just like Bodhi and I envisaged it doing. 

I got the mask from Etsy - there's an array of different animals and things - if anyone wants the link let me know - labour intensive but affordable. 

So I was thrilled with that, and the fact that my class went really, really well - virtually no negative feedback, and my director was really pleased. I feel a bit off the hook, and also a sort of peace from the anxiety created by that feeling of uncertain incompetence I float around in half the time. A little praise goes a long way, doesn't it? 

I've come home and flaked into a sleepy little pile on the sofa, sat there til it got dark and too late to walk the dog, who doesn't seem to mind too much. He's lazy today too. But it's a peaceful tiredness today too, and I made a soup. Tomato, lentils, leeks, potatoes and some curry spices. I thoguht it was nice, but Bodhi didn't really eat it much. Ah whell. This child has to get used to vegetables somehow. . 

But anyway - it's after nine, bed beckons early tonight, sleep in in the morning. All good. 


Joanne said...

That is a brilliant costume! Hooray for you!

Jennifer said...

I agree, the costume is awesome! I'm glad to hear things are going well for you!

Ms. Moon said...

How nice to have a bit of peace and contentment! Congratulations on the costume AND the class.