Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a good thing

A friend asked me about Danielle last week. So I texted him, and I got back a picture of blue sky blue sea view of the prow of a boat in the South of France where he's on holiday, which has to be a good thing, and he says to say hello to those of you who remember him. I'd put the photo here but I don't think my phone will let me take it out of messages.

I had my wisdom tooth assessment... which ended up being v positive, except, ugh, there can be scary side effects of the op, like nerve damage, which is rarely permanent, and it's going to fuck up my jaw joing big time, which makes me want to cry quite a bit, as does the thought of the surgeon drilling a slice of bone out of my jaw.

I feel quite teary at the thought of all the pain and violence to come. I think I'm going to need to take the sedation option. Yet I still ate cake today, so clearly my craving for sugar outweighs my yearning for teeth that don't need extracting. Did anyone get theirs taken out (lower jaw) with only local anaesthetic, and regret it? The only reason not to do it is because I'l need a person to bring me, wait for me, and bring me home. The sweet graduate student warned against operating heavy machinery after, or online shopping :)


Ms. Moon said...

I had a dentist pull a lower wisdom tooth once and I wasn't sedated and I am still having PTSD about that. I'm not even kidding you.

Jo said...

I thought as much! Thanks for the warning, I will take your advice!

This is a dental surgeon - I was quite alarmed when a colleague told me her South African dentist was going to do it for €40 each. In the dentist's office. Nooo! It caused my other colleague to do a riff on witch doctoring, 'Bring me the hair of one monkey!' and I didn't even scold him :)

Sabine said...

Seriously agree with Ms Moon. I had oral surgery almost 10 years ago with local anesthetics and while it did not hurt - promise - I can still hear the sound when the guy clipped off that tiny piece of jaw bone. It will stay in my brain forever.

Also, don't have coffee, coke or black tea (and no fags) for three days afterwards, they all stimulate bleeding which is what you want to avoid. It's three days of deprivation for a very good cause. I learned the heard way.

Good luck.